[News] Linda Chung "I Want to Get Married" in Guam


Linda Chung has joined the photo book trend with her debut launch of Happiness (幸福), competing with the other lengmos at the Book Fair this year. Selling her purity, Linda BB declines to being sexy, she's only selling her looks, long legs and trip to Guam. Although she had several wet and in-the-water photos, she remained conservative dressed in an one-piece bathing suit.

In Guam, the famous "Two Lovers' Point" is where couples put their lover padlocks. Perhaps, Linda felt love's call, she wrote: "I want to get married!" on the padlock. Linda BB explained: "It should be said in this way, I hope I will get married one day because I'm a person that has no planning at all. I will only eat when the there is cooked food coming towards me. God has its arrangements." Linda has also composed a song called I Want to Get Married, which can be heard in her next album.

Linda visited the local churches and was immediately infected by the blessed atmosphere. She said: "The churches here are so beautiful, it feels so pure. If I get married in the future, I hope to hold my wedding here!"

Yesterday Linda put her vacation mood away and went back to concentrating on work. She is currently preparing for her concert in August, yesterday she and her dancers were rehearsing at the studio. Her record company boss (Herman Ho) was there to personally supervise her. First time challenging singing and dancing, Linda expressed she did not perform to her [rumored] boyfriend. "Nobody has seen it. Keep it a secret!" It was said Linda only had the opportunity to hold a solo concert was because she's heavily favored by Herman. Linda said: "He takes good care of me, but he gives the same treatment to all other artists. I've been singing for 5 years now and have been working very hard."