[Notice] Linda Chung's HK Concert August 22/23

Well, this is the moment guys! The time is finally here...Linda's first concert ever!!! For those who have plans on going on vacation...go to HK this August! lols because of August 22 and 23, Linda will be blasting on stage at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre!

The staffs at Linda Garden had kindly worked with the record company to secure tickets for fans (so everybody can sit together etc). There is only one standard pricing for tickets: 480HKD and there are additional costs for ordering through Linda Garden (for banners, lights etc). So for more information, please visit: http://forum.linda-chung.net/ Order your tickets early guys!!!!!

OH! And if you have not checked it out already, Linda had left a message concerning the concert at Linda Garden :) So please check it out at the forum!

PS this is just an IMAGE lols