[Pics/News] Linda Chung Shakes in Fear Filming Thrown in Water Scene

Yesterday Linda Chung began filming TVB new series Tiger Cubs II. The scene was about the bad guy Johnson Lee discovering her identity as an undercover; She gets beaten, shoved in a black trash bag and tossed into the sea. Linda appeared at the location with makeup of a bloody face full of wounds. She frankly expressed she cannot swim, but fortunately the director found a stunts double to do the scene for her. "I just have to do the close-up shots. Actually I was really scared, I have never opened my eyes underwater before. The director treated me very well, he put a 5-inch block under water for me to stand on, but I was still very scared of danger because the previous scene was about me trapped in the car's trunk, then me and the car fell in the water. I was so nervous, I drank a lot of water and choked. Before when I was still in Canada, I took swimming lessons, but no matter how much they tried to teach me, I didn't learn. One time the instructor threw me in the deep end of the pool, and since then I feared water even more. So, I don't like water events." On the first take of the scene, Linda got into the water and held her breathe, but 3 seconds later she had to come back up and stop the cameras from rolling. She said with a suffering look: "I can't do it!" The director asked an instructor to come assist her. Before the cameras rolled again, Linda took in some oxygen, but that apparently didn't have much effect since she still couldn't complete the scene even after 3 takes.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net