Linda's Weibo Update 06/12/11

謝謝所有fans送給我的favourite female character award. 真的很感動! 雖然今年沒拿奬, 但是我真心覺得我贏了! 我贏了認同,贏了民心, 網上的討論區投票:) 我會繼續努力! 謝謝大家! 我愛你們:) Lovelovelove -L-

English Translation:
A big thank you to all the fans who gave me the favorite female character award. I'm really so touched! Although I did not get any award this year, I still feel that I won in reality! I won approval, the hearts of the people, and the votes of netizens on discussion boards and forums:) I will continue to work hard! Thank you everyone! I love you all:) Lovelovelove -L-

Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

credits lindagarden, lindachungvn

It teared me up seeing Linda's tears in the pictures. It's so sad that she did not get the award (totally rigged!!!!) this year :( But the fans are so sweet to give her an award for Miss.Koo.....after reading Linda's message on weibo, I no longer care what the awards results were, because she's right, she is loved by her fans along with the audience and that is an award itself :)