[News] Linda Chung to hold Concert in March, Forms a "Miss Virgin" Girl Band

28 year old Linda Chung (Linda BB) just released her fourth album and exposed she really wants to hold her very own concert. Linda expressed the best place to hold her concert would be at Star Hall because the venue is just the right size, not too big, not too small and she can have close interaction with fans. It was understood, Linda has been actively training her voice in preparation for her debut concert in March. She also requested the CEO of her record company "Star Shine", Herman Ho, to form a band with 4 other "TVB Virgins" -- Leanne Li, Grace Wong, Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam.

According to an insider: "Linda really wants to hold her own concert and has asked her record company several times. Herman promised to help her make it happen and now that she has time, she would rather sleep less and spend more time out jogging to prepare for her March concert."

Miss Virgin

Linda BB wants a concert, of course she has to call all her "Virgin sisters" out to support her. Christine exposed she hopes to advance into the music scene as the group 'Miss Virgin', she said: "I want to be part of a band with Linda, Leanne, Grace and Eliza. Leanne can play the guitar, I know how to play an electric violin, Grace can sing and dance. We can even ask Wong Cho Lam to write some songs for us!" Princess Heung Heung (Eliza) immediately echoed Christine: "I listened to Spice Girls when I was young and had this dream too. There are so many people in TVB, we can really form a girl band."

Christine and Eliza are ready, but Linda's boss Herman is treating this as a secret weapon, "Everything has to wait until Linda finishes shooting her series in February. We haven't decided on the costumes or the details yet and we aren't sure whether we'll be able to invite the other female artists to be the guest performers. I'm still working on the schedules with TVB now and hope to make this concert happen this year!" Linda BB voiced she wanted a concert, her loving boss Herman went out in turbo to make it work for her.

A Fast Moving FaDan

Linda released 4 albums and this year she already has the opportunity to hold her own concert. Compared to the other first line TVB FaDans, such as Fala Chen and Kate Tsui, their music career just ended after 1 album. Looks like same people, but different lives.

Fala Chen - Her 'husband' is "Neway Prince" Sit Sai Hang, but Fala waited two years before she had the chance to release her debut album. Unfortunately, not even 1,000 copies were sold. Her contract with Star Shine ended not long ago.

Kate Tsui - Released her first EP Kiss Me Kate in 2009, selling her sexiness and got several newcomer awards. She actually had a chance to get somewhere in music, but unfortunately her record company "Asia Vigour" went out of business after 10 years in the industry. Kate pitifully became an "1 album" singer.

Myolie Wu - She signed on with Neway Star in 2008, her debut album was Evolve and Mark Lui complimented her singing. In 2009, she released another EP Loveholic and held a mini concert, but most of her songs were TV series theme songs. This year, she concentrated more on China dramas.

Nancy Wu - Although she's not a first line TVB FaDan, she participated in the New Talent Singing Contest in 1999 along with Jade Kwan and Deep Ng. Earlier she sang her first song with TV King Wayne Lai, the sub theme to TVB series The Confidant. Fans praised her good singing and she made it clear she wanted to earn extra income with Wayne through stage performances.

Source: FACE Magazine, Credit: HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts:  Really looking forward to some confirmed news!!!!!!!  SUPPORT LINDA!!!!!!!!  Hope that the concert news will come true!