[News] Linda Chung surrenders early in the battle for TV Queen


Yesterday Linda Chung and Him Law were in Tsim Sha Tsui for a cell phone press conference. Asked if Linda she often loses her phone? She said: "Because I can't turn on my phone during work, so I often don't know where my phone is placed. One time I left it in my jacket pocket, and one time I left it in the restroom, but luckily every time I was able to find it. Though I'm already very careful with my artist phone by using nicknames, but I'm not afraid of leakage if I ever lose it." Linda said that the pictures in her cell phone are just pictures she took with friends, nothing special, but she is worried that if she loses her phone, her personal text messages will leak.

Asked Linda if she has congratulated Raymond Lam's concert DVD+CD getting triple platinum sales? She said: "I didn't know, of course congratulations to him, but I don't want to talk about this topic." Then she changed the subject herself and mentioned that she's recently working with Him Law in a new series, where he plays her younger brother. She said that she's envies his 6-pack. Linda suddenly avoided talking about Raymond, asked if she feels dislike? She said: "No I don't think that way, just feel that I've been rumored with him for so long, really boring. Since everyone knows it's fake, why keep talking about it." She also said that she'll be working hard in looking for her Mr. Right.

When mentioning that she's part of the competition for TVB's Best Actress award depended on her role in Ghost Writer, Linda announces earlier that she surrenders: "I don't have much confidence this year. I feel that I only did okay, I personally support Charmaine Sheh. I admire her, feel that she's very professional, can get into character real quick and is punctual."

Him Law fear of elevators

Though Him Law is well built, but it turns out that he fears taking the elevator, he said: "I am currently considering on buying a house, I want to stay in Tai Po because I'm afraid of taking the elevator, so I have to choose the lower level units. When I take the elevator, I'm always worried about the steel cable breaking."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/