[News] Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam : Still young


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Earlier before this TVB's "biological son" Raymond Lam received negative comments and Virginia Lok, Mrs. Fong immediately stood up to give him support. As a rumoured girlfriend, Linda Chung said that no matter how bad is Raymond's ticket sales, she would still support him and said that Raymond is still young, just do his best in his part is enough.

Yesterday TVB's fa dan Linda Chung, Jennifer Tse, Jacqueline Chong and Wong Yuen Yuen were at a household event organised by HomeSquare, wearing dresses based on household theme. Linda Chung appeared with her crystal lighting dress, Jennifer wore a sexy dress, and Wong Yuen Yuen who did breast enlargement wore a "bed" themed dress on stage.

Earlier before this Lawrence Wong pointed that Raymond was the cause of the poor box office. After that Virginia Lok brought Mrs. Fong's letter with words of encouragement to give support to Raymond Lam making Raymond to get teary. Linda Chung said, "It is very touching for Mrs. Fong to write letter to any artist, she always love us. As an artist, the most important is to do our best, the rest we can't control." Linda continued saying, "A film cannot represent everything, Raymond is still young, I'm not professional and I don't know how to differentiate, I only know how to do my best, definitely there would still be people who would appreciate and don't appreciate me." She also expressed that although she was very busy and didn't have the time to watch Raymond's new film, but she would still buy the disc to watch to support.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld