COncert at Reno with Raymond Lam Clips!!!

Linda sang these songs at the concert:
1.白羊座的情歌 (Linda's Aries Song)
2.陳淑樺“夢醒時分” (Mong Seng Shap Fan - Mandarin song)
3.Mariah Carey "I still Believe"
4.鄭秀文“問我” (Sammi Cheng's Ask Me)
5.Wonder Girls "Nobody"
6.鄭秀文/葉倩文“談情説愛” (Sammi Cheng/Sally Yeh - tam cheng suet oi)
7.瀟灑走一會 (Siew Sa zau Yat Hui - Mandarin Song)
8.明爭暗鬥 (Linda's Meng Zhan Ngam Dau)
9.明天我要嫁給你 (Meng Tin Wo Yiu Ka Kap Nei- I suppose its Mandarin?)
10.鄭秀文“上帝早已预备”(Sammi Cheng's Sheung Dei Zo Yi Yu Bei)
11. In Love With You (Duet with Raymond)

credits Hannah and Irene @ Linda's Forum

Linda and Raymond singing, In Love with You - (or

credits drkibo@youtube, kawaiiah@youtube, XpinklilyX@youtube, ukahei@youtube

Thoughts: Hope you guys will all enjoy these clips!! Love Linda so much! Haha, really hope for her to participate more in concerts in the future! Hehe....will find more clips and will edit this post! So look out for more!