Dwelling Choice of Men and Women Filming Pics 7

credits dienanh.net, Linda Garden and JazzBoon@weibo

Thoughts: Michael is hugging Linda!!!! T___T Poor Ron! I want a Ron and Linda ending!


  1. Yesyes!! Ron and Linda! They really look great together! If only Linda really filmed Revolving Doors of Vengeance a few years ago! They would've great chemistry. And I think they look more compatible with each other than when Linda is with Fung. =P Anyway, the ending is that Linda will end up with Micheal? =[

  2. I know!! Still remember how excited I was back then...but then upset that Linda couldn't film it. Hehe...I lika Ron more with Linda to! xD

    I don't know for sure....though I have a feeling yes. Let's just pray tvb is nice enough to let Ron and Linda be together though! ^-^