2011 Sales Presentation Booklet

"Yes Sir, No Sir"
Cast: Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Ram Tseung, Lee Kwok Lun, Yeung Ying Wai, Law Lok Lam, Queenie Chu, Savio Tsang, Cilla Kung, Ronald Law, Dickson Wong, Brian Chu, Chow Chung, Angelina Lo, Yu Yeung Bak Biu, Fung So Boh

"Dwelling Choice of Men and Women"
Cast: Michael Miu, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tse, Joyce Tang, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Yoyo Chen

Main Attraction:
Focusing on investment property, the fluctuation interest rates, loan & debts when one invest in the property, one's life experience and the importance of a house

"Mahjong Flying Southeast"
Cast: Yuen Wah, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Kristal Tin, Raymond Cho, Macy Chan

Series Characteristics: Thousands of years of Chinese culture. Other than spreading the four great inventions of ancient China to the world, there was also the national game of mahjong. Playing mahjong not only prevents Alzheimer's disease, but it also contains the philosophical principles of life, and reveals the various experiences of life. This is a pre-modern comedy that is based on mahjong. It teaches the viewers to use the wisdom of mahjong-playing to deal with the obstacles of our time, and to become victorious.

Synopsis: A family that carves mahjong tiles for royalty in the Qing Dynasty. However, the times changed at the end of the Qing Dynasty, and business declined. As the father became older, he decided to pass on the family business to his three sons, hoping to bring glory back to the family.

The eldest son, Chung, enjoys big hands. He craves for greatness and success, and he is also nicknamed "Strategy King". The second son, Fatt, is timid and overcautious. The third son, Bak, has a calm honesty. The three of them have different encounters and experiences. The eldest son uses his mahjong skills to pursue fortune, but this leads to bankrucy. The second son was also in dire straits, so the family immediately breaks down. Fortunately, even when faced with bad hands, the third son uses his persistent spirit to turn a perilous situation into a sound one.

CREDITS HYN5, Jse@asianfanatics, kuangaitvb