[News] Linda and her friends walk separately to avoid her friends’ backgrounds being uncovered

Linda was recently photographed out on a “date” with a male friend who does not work in the entertainment circle. When they were pursued for an interview, they seemed surprised and nervous and they left separately without responding. At the blessing ceremony for her new series Yue Fu Hidden Dragon, Linda denied that the outing was a “date” and emphasized that it was just an ordinary dinner between two friends. She stressed that she got out of the car midway because she didn’t want her friend’s background to be uncovered and examined just because of her profession. When asked about whether she would ask friends out to dinner again, she replied that she would, because friends will always be friends.

Linda protects her male friend to avoid his background being uncovered

In Yue Fu Hidden Dragon, Linda plays an excellent dancer, and to her, this is a great challenge because she does not have any background in dance. She had one or two lessons from a dance instructor before she starting officially filming the series. In response to this, Linda replied, “Once I have learnt [to dance], I have to at least pretend to be good at it [in the series]. To me this is quite a bit of pressure because even though I have good hand-foot coordination, Chinese dance needs to be gentle , slow and soft and I am impatient and fast-paced. (Just pretend it is your boyfriend!) That is a different type of gentleness.

Denies secret meeting

Earlier on, it was rumoured that Linda and her new boyfriend were secretly meeting up. Linda explained that the other party was just a friend. Originally her friend had planned to pick her up on the way to the restaurant, but they realized that they were being followed by reporters halfway through. The reporters even knocked on their doors which frightened them so Linda and her friend decided to abandon journey to their planned dinner. Linda replied to this incident, “This has never happened to me before ever, and because it was just getting too dangerous [for us and the reporters], I decided to just get out and switch cars. I don’t want my friend’s background to be uncovered and examined. However, they continued trailing my friend.” Linda also frankly expressed that the reported details are wrong and that she didn’t want to talk too much about whether he was her pursuer as he is not in showbiz. When she was asked about whether her friend would stop being friends with her, she smiled and replied, “No, friends are friends, I still get asked out.”

Source: on.cc and takungpao