[News] Raymond Lam rumoured to be courting Linda Chung

TVB actors Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were thought to be the perfect on-screen couple. And now, it is rumoured that Raymond is hoping to take the reel romance to real life.

The actors first paired up in Heart of Greed. Constant rumours surrounded the duo with talk that Raymond had tried to court Linda until he gave up when she began dating martial arts actor Philip Ng.

Raymond's 'Prince Charming' image was tarnished recently when ex-lover and Chinese model Pan Shuang Shuang revealed intimate pictures of them in bed after the latter failed to make him marry her.

Linda, on the other hand, enjoyed compliments from viewers and netizens after the latest episode of TVB drama Yes Sir, Sorry Sir featuring a crying scene was aired. Fans even suggested that Linda should be crowned Best Actress next year.

In a bid to rescue his image, it was rumoured that Raymond wanted to court Linda, due to the latter's newfound fame.

According to an insider, Raymond began calling Linda frequently after he noticed the surge in the actress's popularity.

"Raymond even sent Linda a text message, 'Your acting was great!' after the viewers praised her for her acting in the crying scene. Raymond rarely kept contact with Linda after he started dating Shuang Shuang. When he suddenly became friendly, Linda ignored him," the insider said.

Commenting on the supposed text message, Linda replied, "I never received his text! However, dating requires feelings and now, we're all just friends."

Reporters then probed if she would get back with Raymond. The pair was rumoured to be dating with each other after co-starring in Heart of Greed.

The actress emphasised that they are just friends and added that "even if we dated, we also have to spend some time with each other before knowing if we're compatible".

When asked the same question, Raymond merely smiled but did not comment.

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