[News] TVB First Line Artists absent from early sales presentation 'TVB POWER' event

Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Aimee Chan, Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Sharon Chan and many other artists attended the TVB POWER SKY FLY event at SKY100. However the first line TVB Siu Sang and FaDans including Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Sheren Tang did not attend. Nearly 200 advertiser representatives attended. At the event, besides setting up vendor booths and playing games, TVB also promoted the two grand production series 36 Hours On Call and Triumph in the Skies II to the vendors that will start shooting soon.

Initially the event was suppose to send out Kevin Cheng with his two ex-rumored girlfriends Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow together for the first time and the other 'ex-lover' group Moses Chan, Aimee Chan and Bernice Liu. Unfortunately, Charmaine did not have room in her schedule, Niki's flight back to HK was delayed and Moses is in Brazil to shoot a special.

Niki absent on short notice

In fact, Charmaine's name was already not on the early list of attendees. On the other hand, Niki was the one who didn't appear on short notice. When Kevin was interviewed, he appeared relieved: "Really? I don't know. (Afraid of you?) I'm not answering you, I didn't even know she (Niki) was going to come, I just know that I was coming. (Off the hook?) No, why do you think that? I won't feel awkward because we always bump into each other, but even if we're not at events, we still greet one another. (You initiated it?) Gentlemen should have the basic manners. (Does she have a reaction?) She greets me too. (Does she smirk at you?) In my impression it's not like that. Greetings are very normal." As for a group photo, Kevin said he will not deliberately do it, but when at the same event, he will not decline.

TVB executive Virgina Lok stressed that the artists attending this time are not weak, there are enough talented artists. She said: "We already have Roger and Wayne, it's not because Moses is not here that it won't be enough." Virgina said Moses is in Brazil working and Raymond Lam is at the Shanghai TV and Film Festival. Liza Wang participated in the China national conference and Sheren Tang is in Mainland shooting a series. Niki was also suppose to attend? Virgina said: "She just got off the flight. Even if her flight wasn't delayed, she still probably won't be out of the gate until 1pm. I have already been notified by her manager that she can't make it. (Why didn't Charmaine appear?) We contracted all artists, perhaps she didn't have time on her schedule, TVB have already stopped outdoor filming, just had studio filming."

Raymond's cousin (Lin Xia Wei) just entered TVB and participates in her first TVB event. She frankly said she is very happy and said her cousin Raymond has work and cannot attend. When speaking of her joining TVB, was it because of her family relation to Raymond? She said: "No, that just what the reports say. I am a newcomer, I hope to learn from my seniors. (Will you shoot series with Raymond?) I definitely don't mind."

Aimee praises boyfriend Moses is funny

Aimee Chan was unable to attend the event with Moses and Bernice, but have officially been on her first date with Moses. She praises she knows about her rumored boyfriend's whereabouts, that he's in Brazil shooting for a special. When speaking of their first date, Aimee frankly said: "Happy, pretty comfortable. (How is your impression on him?) He is a very happy and funny person. (Can he please you?) I don't know, have to go on a few more dinners with him before I find out. (What's your score for him?) No, can't just give a score after that one time. After all, it feels very nervous on the first time, very good impression though."

Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/