[Official Drama Page] Always Ready

Cast: Ekin Cheng, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung, Lai Lok Yi, Linda Chung, Charles Szeto, Elaine Yiu

Episodes: 30

Ko Ho Fung Matthew (Ekin Cheng), Aircrewman Officer II of the Government Flying Service (GFS), and Yip Ching Wan Benjamin (Bowie Lam), Pilot I, frequently work together. While Benjamin flies an aircraft, Matthew rescues people. Matthew and Benjamin are appointed to train Aircrewman Officer III Sze Chor Kei Sandra (Linda Chung) and Cadet Pilot Chiang Ka Nok Kelvin (Lai Lok Yi), both are locally trained fresh graduates, respectively.

Sandra and Kelvin face tough training, as well as challenges from family and love affairs. Can these two inexperienced young persons bite their lips and survive the training?

In the face of challenges, experienced people like Matthew and Benjamin can also reveal their weakness. Matthew's girlfriend Hong Yau Lam Carrie (Charmaine Sheh) loses her memory. Although she accepts him again, his enthusiasm in helping others makes her feel abandoned. She seeks comfort from Benjamin instead.

GFS staff are always ready to dive into the water and climb up mountains to save lives. How do they tackle their own challenges?

Some stuff from the casts in news:

Linda: (施楚淇 Sandra Sze Chor Kei)She doesn't like her job, but because of financial difficulties she involved herself with govt. service to get a stable job/income. She was happy to work with Ekin because she idolizes him.

Linda: "In the show, I play a flying services officer and have to go and rescue people on the mountain and at sea. Although the series has not officially started filming yet, we have been through a four-day training course with the services and one of the experiences was to to go into the air in a helicopter that kept rising and falling, making you feel very dizzy and nauseous, I was so scared I had to grab onto the person beside me. However, if I have the chance, then I would do it again because maybe this would help me to overcome my fear of roller coasters!"

credits asianfanatics