[News] Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon Cancels Outdoor Filming Spots to Prevent Artistes from Getting Heatstroke

On hot summer days, having to shoot outdoor scenes under the scorching sun could be said to be a great test of an artiste's physical abilities. Thus, Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon, a dance-themed olden-age drama starring Linda Chung, Myolie Wu and Bobby Auyeung, initially had many large-scaled scenes of singing and dancing in the outdoors, but due to concerns that the artistes may be unable to bear the physical strain, a decision was made to move the scenes to air-conditioned places for filming. Producer Nelson Cheung comments, "The majority of the scenes include dancing and kung-fu, requiring a lot of physical effort from the artistes, so we do not want the artistes to get heatstroke. Furthermore, the female artistes are already so hot from standing in the outdoors that their makeup all melts, so moving the scenes indoors is the best decision to make."

Linda Chung and Myolie Wu strongly approve of this cancellation of outdoor filming. Linda says, "Of course it's a good thing, before, when filming outdoor scenes, I once nearly fainted from filming in the hills, at first when I saw in the script and knew that I had to dance in the outdoors, I was really worried." As to Myolie, she expressed that olden-age series' costumes are extremely thick, it is already very hot to be wearing the clothes, "Normally, I eat very light foods, but in order to handle the large amount of dancing this time, I have eaten much more foods with starch in order to replenish my energy."

Captions (top to bottom):
Evergreen Mak's greedy expression, causing Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and other female artistes to be unable to keep from laughing.

Having to wear olden-age costumes to shoot outdoor scenes is very tiring, so upon knowing that the outdoor scenes would be cancelled, Stephen Wong, Bobby Auyeung, Samuel Kwok, Grace Wong and Kelvin Leung all expressed approval. The ravenous-looking Lee Yee Man's tries to swallow Angela Tong's fist? Angela previously acted as the ugly woman, "Lei Siu Ho" and was well-received by the audience. The young girl hopes that she would do even better than her senior, of course!

Credits: Linda Garden Weibo
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage