[news] Linda Chung stolen camera, luckily just had normal photos; Bosco Wong not pretty enough for photo book

Yesterday Bosco Wong and Linda Chung attended an event in Causeway Bay. He expressed he just finished shooting new series Lives of Omission, and is starting a new series immediately after. He is so busy he has no space to breathe. Bosco hopes to have a small vacation in August to enjoy the nice sunshine and beach. Following the 'nude photo' incident, Bosco expressed earlier he does not need to wear swim trunks to thank the audience if the series gets high ratings because everyone already saw everything of him. Reporters asked if he'll be afraid to be in public with swim trunks at the beach? He laughed: "It's just swim trunks, nothing much to see!"

Since the 'nude photo' incident, Bosco has been the center of attention. He was asked if he'll be like the lengmos, release photo books to show off his body? Bosco laughed: "I am not as pretty as the lengmos, still don't have 6 chocolates (6 pack)."

Also at the event, Linda Chung reveals her camera was stolen before while on a trip, but luckily there was just normal photos on there. She claims she is a clumsy person, often losing her phone. Regarding good friend Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee's break up, the rumors that she's pregnant and plans to take 9 months off from TVB? Linda said she had dinner with Shirley 2 weeks ago, but she did not mention the break up, so she is not sure if the rumors are true. She said: "Falling out of love is already very miserable and hurtful. Love is hard to say who is right or wrong, the truth is only known by the two parties themselves! Taking time off does not have to be because she wants to have kids, perhaps she just wants a break, to calm down a bit."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/