[News] Competing for the TV queen throne

TV queen throne has always been an appealing prize for TVB actresses. This year’s competition should not only be a fight between Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu. Among the actresses, Linda Chung has been recognized for her acting performance and is this year’s hopeful contestant for the throne.

(Linda Chung) She has been limited to play the “good girl”. However, in the recently ended, Yes sir, no sir, sorry sir, she touched the hearts of viewers by her astounding crying scene performance, which successfully released her from the “pretty girl” image. With her performance as Miss Koo, Linda is seen as this year’s hopeful contestant.

(Kate Tsui) She received the prize “the most improved actress” in 2007. She was promoted vigorously by TVB executive Virginia Lok. However, the shows in which she performed this year have been average. The rating of the currently ongoing “Wax and Wane” is average. Kate was not as appealing as Elanne Kwong in “Relic Of An Emissary”.

(Tavia Yeung) has been an TV actress for many years and her acting has been recognized. Unfortunately, she has been out of luck. The show “The Rippling Blossom” did not offer her an a spectacular opportunity to perform. In “yes sir, no sir, her acting did not improved prominently but was outshined by Linda Chung.

(Fala Chen) has been acting one show after the other. However, people have more concern about her love life than her acting performance. Her role in “Grace Under Fire” was less than Xuan Lui. In “Old Primary Books”, the scene of steel pipe dance has taken away focus for her acting performance. However, as the winner of “the best supporting actress” last year, Fala’s solid acting skill cannot be dismissed.

(Aimee Chan) has obviously improved since she began acting. She works hard towards her goal as a first line actress. Unfortunately, she only has few shows to act this year. Hopefully, the upcoming “The Other Truth” can make her Hacting notable to viewers. Regarding the TV queen throne competition, she should be a companion contestant.

Translated by greenb1a @ lindacottage

Thoughts: Honestly...Aimee Chan? She's too new to be considered for this...but of course, tvb really favours her. Not so good how Myolie wasn't in here....since she was in the previous articles when they were discussing about this =/ EDIT - Oops! Nevermind, Myo is in the first paragraph =)