[Magazine Scan] Bobby Au-Yeung plays pranks on Linda Chung!

Recently Bobby Au-Yeung and Linda Chung have been busily working on their TVB’s new series Yue Fu’s Hidden Dragon. A few days ago, the filming crew and actors were at a park filming outdoor scenes. Bobby who loves pranking was having the time of his life playing pranks on the crew and making Linda laugh and NG many times. It was quite a hot day and after a few more NG’s the filming crew started getting a bit annoyed and irritated. When Bobby realized this, he stopped pranking and became very serious in front of the cameras. However, behind the cameras, he continued to be funny and played around causing Linda to laugh and NG many times. Too bad Linda is filming with Bobby, it looks like she will be NGing many more times!

Magazine Scan credits: LindaGarden@weibo
Translated by Alanna@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com/

Thoughts: Haha Linda looks like she's having alot of fun ;D Great that she is filming with Bobby cause now she can laugh everyday :D