[News] “L’Escargot” Ending Spoilers Revealed!

Many Hong Kong people work their entire lives in order to chase after the dream of buying their own houses, which was the theme of TVB’s currently aired hit drama, L’Escargot "缺宅男女". In the series, Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and his siblings nearly became enemies due to property disputes.The 30-episode series was especially popular among housewives and the young generation. Last Thursday’s episodes averaged ratings of 29 points, with approximately 1.85 million viewers.

The plot for L’Escargot thickened and approached an exciting climax recently. In last Thursday’s episode, greedy pregnant “Kwan Yi So” Mandy Wong (黃智雯) gave birth. On the other hand, wealthy businessman, Michael Tse (謝天華) and his wife, Joyce Tang (滕麗名) experienced marital dispute. Michael had an affair with his subordinate, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). In a desperate attempt to raise quick cash for her boyfriend, Ron Ng 吳卓羲 (who incurred vast financial debts due to losses in the stock market), Linda slept with Michael Tse.

Although L’Escargot’s ending will not be broadcast until February 12, 2012, ending spoilers have already leaked. It was known that Ron refused to reconcile with Linda Chung, who had betrayed him in love. Discovering that Linda slept with Michael, Ron was unable to swallow the betrayal. After heavy drinking, he became entangled with Michael Tse’s younger sister, JJ Jia (賈曉晨). Bent on seeking revenge, Ron started dating JJ. Later realizing that Linda had “sold her body” in order to help him repay his financial debts, Ron was very apologetic. Drinking heavily, Ron suffered a car accident and rushed to the hospital, he entered into a coma.

Never giving up on her old love, Linda frequented the hospital to take care of Ron. Although Ron was full of regret and guilt, he could not put behind the fact that Linda had an affair with Michael Tse. Ron refused to reconcile with Linda, who ended up being single and lonely. Although netizens have not watched the ending yet, the majority did not appear to be sympathetic towards Linda’s predicament, instead hoping that Ron would pair up with JJ instead. As for Michael Tse, he was moved by Joyce’s love and loyalty; thus the pair reconciled their marital differences.

Aside from Linda and Ron’s complicated love relationship involving several people, the audience was also concerned as to whether Michael Miu and his wife, Sonija Kwok (郭羡妮), will fulfill their dream of buying a house. After mother-in-law, Lo Yuen Yan’s (盧宛茵) death, Mandy Wong secretly changed the status of the home ownership for [her husband and herself] in the will, turning the siblings against each other in anger.

The kind-hearted Michael Miu could not withstand Mandy and Oscar Leung’s (梁烈唯 ) actions and retaliated, finally recovering the house ownership. When Mandy and Oscar finally realized their wrongdoings, they were forgiven by the family and moved to the new house that Michael Miu built in the village. The family came to an understanding in the finale.

Although Michael Miu and Sonija’s marriage was threatened by the appearance of third party, Wong Chi Hung (黃子雄), Michael and Sonija settled their differences and their marriage survived. Him Law (羅仲謙) and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) had a happy ending together.

Producer Cheung Kin Man (張乾文) remained tight-lipped about the ending for L’Escargot. In a telephone interview, Producer Cheung said, “The ending is very surprising.” He may have referred to the outcome of Linda and Ron’s relationship, in which the former lovers did not get back together. Asked whether he will film an alternate ending, allowing the audience to make a choice, Producer Cheung said, “That is best; however the looks of the actors have all changed now.”

L’Escargot A Favorite Among Viewers

The entire cast had ample opportunities [to display their acting chops] in depicting their characters in L’Escargot; even the child actors had their crying scenes. However, the character that stood out the most was Mandy Wong’s pregnant spitfire role. Her greedy and dominant behavior was scolded vehemently by netizens. When Mandy was slapped by her husband, Oscar Leung, netizens cheered.

L’Escargot was also closely watched by numerous celebrities in the entertainment circle, including G.E.M., Felix Wong (黃日華), and Viann Zhang (張馨予). G.E.M. appeared to be excited by the love development between Ron Ng and Linda Chung. Felix Wong praised Michael Miu’s performance in the drama, writing on his blog, “The biggest pleasant surprise did not come from Linda Chung or Ron Ng; it came from Michael Miu instead! Michael left behind his chok look and approached the role from a practical standpoint. His expressions, stable attitude, and firm voice were right on mark! Personally, I think that L’Escargot is Michael Miu’s best representative drama since his return to the entertainment industry!”

Despite refusing to reconcile with Linda Chung who had betrayed their love in L’Escargot, Ron Ng was very accepting of the bold actions of girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), in real life. Currently filming Loyalty of Yue Fei "精忠岳飛" in mainland China, Viann expressed happiness that Ron’s performance was praised in L’Escargot. Asked whether she had been watching L’Escargot, Viann said, “Yes, I did.”

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars