[News] Linda Chung a crybaby who is praised to be next TV Queen

Michael Miu, Michael Tse, Linda Chung and Ron Ng's TVB series L'Escargot is getting very good response. The episode broadcast the night before, about the aftermath of Ka Lok (Linda Chung) and Ko Wan Jim (Michael Tse) affair, led to the break up of Ka Lok and her boyfriend Dai Ting (Ron Ng). The couple weren't able to continue with their marriage and their performance moved audience to tears. Also, the scene where Michael Miu smacked his little sister Linda and hit Michael (Tse) shouting 'PK' to him, stirred up a very large reaction.

Viewers had a huge reaction to the foul language 'PK' being broadcast on TV. Reporters contacted Michael (Tse) about the issue, he laughed he does not mind getting scolded during the new year holidays. He laughed: "It's just another way to express sympathy!" As for producer Nelson Cheung, he expressed several series from the past had this 'foul language' broadcast too, TVB has a specific department responsible for examining the lines. If there is a problem, then they will point it out and so it should be no problem.

Earlier Linda Chung had an astonishing 'cry' scene in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, and this time in L'Escargot, she continues the crying to draw in more viewers. There were some readers that complained that there is all this crying and weeping on TV over the Lunar New Year holidays, but at the same time, there are also praises. It was said Linda's crying has improved, a reader said it was a pity Linda couldn't get the My Favorite TV Female Character Award last year at the TVB Anniversary Awards for her role in 'Miss Koo'. The reader strongly supports Linda to get TV Queen for her Ka Lok role in L'Escargot.

Yesterday Linda said over the phone: "The award ceremonies are still so far away from now, I do not dare to say anything. I thank audience for all the support. (Did you have a difficult time crying?) When I was shooting that scene, I was feeling very emotional, really cried so much that my eyes became swollen. (Shouldn't be broadcasting such tragic crying scenes during Lunar New Year?) I hope everyone doesn't just concentrate on the crying, we just wanted to bring a positive message. The most important is the whole family happily together." Also, in the series Linda and Michael had an affair, and broke Ron's heart. It was said the ending will be a tragic one, although Ron forgave Linda, but Linda couldn't forgive herself and declined to reconcile with him!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: I avoided the other article with the spoiler....but yet, read this article and the last sentence spoiled the ending D; Ronda!!!! T______T