[News] Charmaine Li & Ricky Fan's wedding, to have a Dragon baby 12 years later

Charmaine Li and DJ Ricky Fan held their wedding banquet at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong. The bridemaids and groomsmen included Linda Chung, Janet Chow, Vivien Yeo, DJ Bob and Eddie Ng. The newly wedded couple followed reporters' instructions and did a kiss at an angle, but appeared quite embarrassed.

The bride, Charmaine Li was dressed in a sexy wedding dress pushing up her chest area. She said: "Earlier when we were married in Guam, it was very romantic. Today it is our first friend gathering, very happy and lively. (Rushing to have a Dragon baby?) I'm ready! But, I want to enjoy a two-person world first and later I will have to get back into filming series. After I complete the jobs I'm working on now, we will be going on our honeymoon late March to Europe."

Ricky sighed heavily that it was a disaster for him when he was picking up his bride. He said: "They were playing me so much, I started sweating. I had to use my toe to pick up mahjong pieces in the ice and the groomsmen had to carry me. I had to kiss 8 photos of my wife while doing a hand stand. (In a hurry to have babies?) I'm in a hurry every day to be a better person. My wife is still young, we will rush to have a Dragon baby 12 years later."

Linda Chung will marry at age 30

It's Linda's first time being a bridesmaid, she expressed she's desperate to marry too. She said: "I've known Charmaine for 6 years. I witnessed the couple from the time they started dating up until now when they are married. (When is it your turn to admit your relationship?) It is normal to have friend gatherings, and when taking pictures, of course would have arms around shoulders. (You'll admit when you get marry?) No. I really want to find a good and responsible man that I can spend the rest of my life and marry at age 30. I still have 3 more years, can't force it! (Is your love life going smoothly?) I am living a happy life now. (Philip Ng hasn't proposed to you?) Let's stick to the newly wedded couple, I hope they can have a Dragon baby."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum