[News] Linda Chung to spend Dooms Day with Family and possible Boyfriend

Linda Chung, Rose Chan and Irene Wong attended an evening banquet last night. Linda reveals her mother just went back to Vancouver. She smiled and said each new year, she would try to toughen her sensibility. Over the last 7 years since she's been developing in HK, she went from crying when her mom leaves HK to this year, she didn't cry at all. It has been rumored that Dooms Day is on December 21st, Linda expressed: "I will take the day off, and definitely go back to Vancouver to spend that day with my family. Family is number 1! (If you have a boyfriend, will you bring him along too?) I hope to bring him with me too!"

Linda also reveals she is a Rat in the Chinese Zodiac, and this year she has good fortune all around. When asked if it would be perfect if she finds herself a boyfriend? She did not hesitate to say: "I think so. (Won't make the relationship public?) See if the relationship is stabled or not. Will have to look at the direction of both sides, and can't be impulsive. (You have always been photographed, but won't announce?) With who? (Philip Ng?) I really don't know, if I can announce or not at that time. The media have to give me more space to meet my other half. (Philip isn't your other half?) For my love life, I hope to retain my privacy."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum