Witness Insecurity Episode 4

In the previous episode, Ji Lam's uncle was ambushed and shot in the head. Not only that, he killed a passerby too. Due to this, Wai Sum's (Bosco Wong) WPU team is once again assigned to protect the Kiu family, only this time they're protecting Ji Lam (Linda Chung). Ji Lam is the only witness of the whole situation and that is why she was asked to go to the police station to identify the killer. Not liking to be around other people, she was very nervous being there. The shooting really traumatized her and when she recognized the killer, she got really scared.

Her uncle's condition is stable. The bullet did not hit any main nerve of the brain, but he is still in a coma.

While the WPU team is outside guarding, one of the Kiu family member (Eric Li), got into a dispute with someone. They left the car to figure out the situation, and spotted a stranger creeping around in the bushes. Wai Sum was informed about it and therefor seeked for Ji Lam, to see if she is alright. He and his team mates went to her room but got no answer when they knocked, and so they kicked down the door. They found Ji Lam asleep and she freaked out seeing them.

Gong San (Paul Chun) criticized Wait Sum for his behaviour. Wai Sum said he did nothing wrong though, and explained to Gong San that Ji Lam could've been endangered.

Wai Sum was then called to his superior's office. There was also Gong San there. At first Wai Sum thought that he drew a complaint to his superior, but Gong San is actually there to explain Ji Lam's situation, in hope of a better understanding between the two. He told Wai Sum that Ji Lam is always so cold towards everyone else and often throw tantrums is because she suffered from mood disorder (due to a childhood trauma). We also got to know that Ji Lam often have to take sleeping pills and the lady that often come to their house, Dr.Chan (Queenie Chu), is Ji Lam's doctor. Gong San told Wai Sum that all this info should be remain private though.

I like Paul Chun's character...even though I feel that he'll later become the antagonist of the series. He's a very caring father and brother. I'm glad that he's able to see that Bosco only wanted to do his best to protect Linda...even though it means going against what Paul's saying. Shows that Paul can set aside his own feelings and see the whole picture. I would like to see more of his character :)

Knowing Ji Lam's situation, Wai Sum paid attention to her more. They were then in the sinffonietta when the building caught on fire. On the their way to escape, Ji Lam saw her cello in the fire and refused to leave without it. Seeing how important it was too her, Wai Sum went into the fire to get back the cello. They were on their way out when two gun men entered the building as parademics. The other WPU members handled those gun men while Wai Sum took Chi Lam through the back way with other WPU members. Once again there were gun men waiting for them on the road and their cars were attacked.

Haha loved the part where Ji Lam refused to put down her cello, but then Wai Sum told her "It's good, it can shield the bullets." Lols reverse psychology, Linda hid down with her cello right away x)

The cello really means so much to her. Why? We find out later that it was given to her from her deceased brother. She's probably really close to him...

Still being chased, they finally turned down a road where many police cars suddenly appeared out of nowhere and trapped the gun men. Seems like Bosco got it planned out ;)

Ji Lam was scared but did not get hurt, nor did any of the WPU members. Ji Lam is starting to care for Wai Sum...she looked worried. The situation is getting Gong San mad.

Wai Sum's superior praised Wait Sum for his back up plans, but criticized his decision to return to the fire to get the cello. The main goal of WPU is to get their boss (Ji Lam) to safety.

The next morning Gong San went to see Ji Lam and she told him she did not use sleeping pills to get the sleep last night. Gong San looked surprise. Then when he asked her if she wanted to go out with him, she said she still have to clean, wax, fix her cello. We got to know the cello was given to her by her deceased brother. So it meant a lot to her. Gong San then told her about how she should look out for herself too, not just the cello, and mentioned to her that Wai Sum must have been criticized by his superior for getting her the cello.

Ji Lam sat in the garden (seems like she is waiting for Wai Sum). When she saw Wai Sum pass by, she tried her best to call for him to come and nervously asked him is he got into trouble. After saying sorry and thank you (without looking at him), she quickly ran off but he called her back to give her the flower she left. For the first time...she looked at him in the eye and said thank you.

From her body language, you could tell Ji Lam was trying very hard to talk to him. When she looked at him, the themesong played in the background...making the scene quite sweet. Also the editing was done well, and the filming with the sun set background made the scene even more beautiful. Lovely enough for me to cute out the scene for you guys x) Simply falling in love with Boda right now.

Gong San then had a meeting with his business friends to discuss about his daughter's ambush. He was getting really agitated with the Hung brothers (the ones sending out the gun men) and wanted to figure out how to handle them.

Without the police knowing, a guy was actually spying on them....

Gong He (Ram Tseung) finally woke up from his coma....and is back to his talkative mood. A normal person who have just experienced such a thing would not act the way he do...yapping throughout all his scenes and flirting with the nurses.

Like always, I always enjoy watching Ram Tseung. Gong He may seem like a very silly character, but I admire him in a way because he's able to overlook the bad and laugh at himself. He simply brings joy to everybody around him. The only thing I don't like him is his alcoholic behaviour :P

Even though he may be fine, there are still long-term affects. One of them being...the inability to use his left leg like he did before. Even though not paralyzed, he still won't be able to walk well like before. Unfortunately for Gong He, he loves to play soccer and uses his left leg alot....in the end Gong San promised to buy a soccer team for him. LOLS even at a time like this, Gong He still managed to joke around and told his brother he wanted a female soccer team. HOnestly...I don't know if that was a joke or not since he was crying at that time...and seems like something the typical Gong He would say :P

Gong He was then released from the hospital. Everybody, including the WPU team was glad to see him back again. And like usual...he cracked jokes everywhere. Example, they all saw how he walked with his left leg and began asking questions about his leg. In response, he joked that everybody ask about his leg but nothing about the brain when it was the thing that got shot :P

At night time, Gong He went to get a beer in the fridge and when he tried to throw it away, he accidentally knocked the garbage can down and fell down himself. That was the moment he realized his life may not be the same again. At that moment Wai Sum walked in. Gong He told him he thought even though his leg cannot function like usual again, everything would be fine...but it's easier said than done. Wai Sum comforted Gong He by telling him everything the tabloid wrote about his accident. They thought that he would become paralyze and sit in a wheel chair etc. But in the end, he didn't and only had a little convenient with his left leg. Wai Sum is basically telling Gong He he got the best out o the worst situation. Very comforting :) Sometimes we focus on the bad so much that we tend to overlook the bad...and that is natural. That's why we need people around us to remind us of the positives...