[News] Linda Chung's Next Goal is HK Coliseum & Villain Roles

Born in the year of the Rat, Linda Chung has pretty good fortune in the year of the Snake. She frankly expressed she had surprisingly good income last year. Although she lost the 'My Favorite TV Female Character' award last year, her hard work in music had been acknowledged.

Breakthrough Villain Role
Having the 'good girl' image, Linda hopes to make a breakthrough in the coming year. She tells us in advance that 2013 will a courageous year for her because Linda wants to 'explode': "In the past, I did not have any confidence in some parts of my acting and music, but this year I hope to jump out of my comfort zone and try something I didn't dare to before, such as villain roles. Friends have said I look too innocent, gentle and I just won't be able to do those type of roles, but I had this image for so many years and I hope for a change. Make it an eye-opener for the audience." Last year, the 'one second rape' or 'back-revealing' mature scenes were a big hit. Linda frankly expressed: "I'm willing to do those scenes, I don't like to be limited. If its necessary for the role, I can accept it. Of course those scenes cannot be forced into the plot."

Goal is HK Coliseum
In regards to awards, Linda carries a let-nature-take-its-course attitude, in the Snake year, she has a new goal: "2013 is a good year, does not matter if its a female lead or a female singer." Linda has been working hard continuously on her music, in the coming year, she'll be holding her very own solo mini concert, "I think I need to take my first step. If the mini concert does well, then I will have the opportunity to step foot on the bigger stage, just like Raymond Lam. My goal is HK Coliseum, I will keep moving upwards and I'm already mentally prepared for it."

In the last Dragon year, Linda explained she did not plan for a prosperous year, "I've been in the industry 8 years, last year it was the most easy-going and no pressure year. It turns out when you put down your stubbornness and nervousness, then the things that belong to you will just come naturally." In the past year, the young FaDans have been heading up north to dig gold in Mainland. Linda also hopes for this opportunity: "It is not about the money, I just want to expand my acting skills and widen my horizons."

Gave First Time to 'Mingpao Weekly'
On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, it is February 14th, Valentine's Day. Linda revealed that day she has a day off, but did her 'other half' (Phillip Ng) ask her out on a date? She said sweetly: "Not talking about my personal life."

The Korean trend has attacked HK and New Year cake is Linda's favorite food on new years, so she personally made her own Korean New Year cake to celebrate the holiday. She smiled: "Its my first time making New Year cake in my life and I gave it to [Mingpao Weekly]."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net