TVB Golden Viva Spectacular - Snippets

***I'm posting the clips of some other artistes here too because I think that you guys might also want to see them ;)
This is a special Chinese New Year show that TVB created this year, where different artistes held shows at different places around the world (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea) ;)  

So here are some snippets (more will be posted later at TVB Horizon)  Happy Chinese New Year everybody!  Kung Hei Fat Choi :D haha

Let the drums roll!!!!  Features Ron Ng, Edwin Siu and Sharon Chan.

Let's get the party started!!!  WHOOOO!!!!!

Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma rocking the stage in Singapore!
This clip kept me smiling all the way through!  Haha I love how Ron's just dancing away when Kenneth on the other hand, seems quite nervous and looks a tiny bit clueless plus awkward.  Hehe it's so adorable isn't it? :P  He's way too cute!!!  :D

Lols I'm basically putting this clip on repeat now :P  Ron's and Kenneth's discrepancies with each other is just too darn cute!!!  Also the way Kenneth held his mic throughout the whole thing!  LMAO  this is making me so happy!!!  Just can't stop smiling!!!!!!!!  :D :D :D 

After Kenneth and Ron, it was Bosco Wong's turn to hit the stge!
As much as I love Bosco though...I felt that he was only shouting out the lyrics x]  haha man, the stage lighting and everything is so nice!

Linda Chung and Myolie Wu in Seoul!!  
Linda performed: "Nothing's Going to Change My Love For You"
Myolie performed: "I Dreamed a Dream"

Myolie's vocals were really nice (and strong) but it's so unfortunate that she had to sing in English, since she's not fluent in it.  btw have I mentioned how much I love her dress???  Super pretty!!!  It surprises me how she can rock that super short haircut, while being very feminine and classy ;)  

Linda was reported to be very nervous during the show and you can see a little of that here x]  The song suited her sweet voice though!  Also loved Linda's dress too, especially along with her hairstyle!  Haha kudos to the smoke and the beautiful background!  Made things even more glamourous x]

***I will have more clips up later ;D