Linda's Weibo Updates - Feb 2013

I translated these weibo messages from the Viet trans provided by LA@

February 2, 2013

Linda: 谢谢衣服首饰赞助 ABlackCigarette @ameliestreet @DearBellBell
Thanks to the clothes and jewelry sponsorship ABlackCigarette @ameliestreet @DearBellBell

February 3, 2013

Linda: 在后台休息:) 今晚情绪高涨!! 祝詩琳美容生意兴隆, 大家心想事成, 笑口常开!!!
Resting behind the scenes :) A very excited feeling tonight!! Wish that Slim Beauty's business will prosper, all their wishes to come true, always smiling!!!

Linda: Sarang heyo!!!

February 4, 2013

Linda: Thank-you so much to M Missoni for the beautiful pink dress and David Yurman for cool jewelry

Linda: 准备拍广告。。。今天会有很多不同的造型。 1, 2, 3 心情get ready to roc and roe!!
Getting ready to shoot the a lot of different looks today. 1, 2, 3 get ready to roc and roe!!

Linda: 点解。。。点解阿Green你将我的头发变成这样?
Why...Why did Green turn my head into this?

February 5, 2013

Linda: 享受了一正天很开心很warm的拍摄过程。 谢谢詩琳美容团队。 balloons pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got to enjoy a very happy and warm commercial shoot. Thank you Slim Beauty. balloons pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda: Icy 合作愉快!!!Goodnities my weibo friends: ) lovelovelove -L-
Happy working with Icy!!! Goodnities my weibo friends: ) lovelovelove -L-

February 6, 2013

Linda: 我爱鞋子!!!
I love shoes!!!