[News] TVB Being Generous with Bonuses (Lucky Red Envelops)

This article reveals TVB’s generosity with giving their artists bonuses. It was said that this year’s results were better than expected, causing the company to earn more money. They promised that all 2000 employees will be receiving 1.25 to 2.25 months worth of bonuses.

For the artists on contract, “All behind the scene and on scene staffs should be able to share the company's achievement, so this year we will be giving out “Extra Special Bonus”. Also known as the lucky red envelopes, as of today this bonus should be in the artists' accounts.” It is reported that all contracted artists got a six thousand extra bonus, and other contracted employees received a three thousand extra bonus.

Helena Law attended a function yesterday and said she has not receive the bonus yet, but Charles Chan went on stage and confirmed that the benefits will continue to improve. And Eric Tsang on the other hand tried to pull back many actors and actresses.

Linda Chung’s Great Income
In addition, last night Linda attended Bio-Essence get together and got onto the topic of TVB giving out bonus to the workers. She said “TVB is improving very much, allowing her to have some extra time to make money for the New Years.” Linda also revealed that during her filming in Seoul, her income also increased and she bargained while shopping there. She said, “I learned how to say “I love you” in Korean", and would say it when she saw the salespeople. Their faces would turn as red as a tomato so purchasing stuff just got cheaper.” Aren't you afraid that your boyfriend would be jealous? She responded “Nope, because after I said it I would forget about it.”

Linda’s smile brought her to have some extra money for the New Years.
TVB is really letting the cash flow, all employees getting bonuses and the artist gets even more. On the fourth of January about 3000 employees received 3 red lucky envelops: one for starting a brand new year of $50, Charles Chan’s own pocket money for the employees of $100, and one to celebrate 45 years of TVB of $450. Regarding that, artist Linda Chung said. “I’m very happy. The company has a warm heart, especially with the $450 for celebrating the anniversary. Such a good gimmick, I wish for the company to have more business. As for myself, to continue working hard.”

Source: ihktv.com
Translated by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com/