Starhub TVB Awards 2013 Nominations

It is that time of year again for Starhub TVB Awards, an annual awards ceremony held in Singapore each year at Marina Sand Bays!  Last year, Linda took home 3 awards: My Favourite Female Character for her role as Kwan Ka Lok in "L'Escargot", My Favourite Onscreen Couple (shared with Moses Chan) and the Best Smile Award.  During her acceptance speech for the Best Smile Award, Linda told us a very useful advice that her mother had once told her.  So hopefully, we'll get to see Linda up on the awards stage again this year.

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Voting ends September 25th and if I am correct, you can vote once everyday.

1) Nomination: My Favourite Tvb Actress

2) Nomination: My Favourite TV Female Character for her role in "Witness Insecurity" as Kiu Chi Lam

3) Nomination: My Favourite TVB Onscreen Couple - Kiu Chi Lam and Hui Sir in "Witness Insecurity"

4) Nomination: My Favourite TVB Themesong - "The Happiest Thing" sung by Linda Chung