[Poll] A Gift for Linda Chung?

For those who've been following us over at the chatbox (honestly, that's where all the updates are happening :P haha), Linda Chung will be visiting Vancouver and Toronto in May!!!!!

Website of event: http://www.fairchildtv.com/event/20thAni/hd.php
Info: Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma, Ruco Chan and Sonija Kwok will be attending Fairchild TV's 20th Anniversary event in Vancouver and Toronto.

簽名會 : 5月25日 (星期六)
地點 : 列治文時代坊中央大堂
大匯演 : 5月26日 (星期日) 晚上8時
地點 : The Centre 溫哥華大劇院

Autograph Session: May 25 (Saturday)
Location: Aberdeen Mall (this is in Richmond)
"Concert" (not exactly a concert...but hope you guys know what I mean?): May 26 (Sunday) @ 8pm
Location: The Centre in Vancouver

簽名會 : 5月27日 (星期一)
地點 : 萬錦廣場
大匯演 : 5月28日 (星期二) 晚上8時
地點 : John Bassett Theatre

Autograph Session: May 27 (Monday)
Location: First Markham Place
"Concert": May 28 (Tuesday) @ 8pm
Location: John Bassett Theatre

More info should be released when it gets closer to the event.

Now that we're done talking about the info, let's move onto the poll:

Since I live in Vancouver, I will hopefully be able to attend both the autograph session and the concert (thingy)!!! :D Hehe that is why I am planning to make something for Linda :) This is where I am hoping to ask you guys for help! I am looking for fans messages from you guys :D Most likely it'll end up to be a little booklet or something (not exactly a scrapbook...cause I find them too big and to be frank, I've never done scrapbooking before..haha), because I'll be putting the fans messages together. I know Linda Chung Thoughts is not big, so if you guys want to spread the message around, feel free to :P haha hopefully everything will run smoothly...thanks guys ;]

Right now we're only wondering WHO's GOING TO PARTICIPATE in the gift. The criteria for the messages and such (determined by the amount of fans, since more fans will mean a shorter message) will be up LATER.

One more IMPORTANT NOTE, who's coming to the event? :P Just curious x] hehe EXCITEMENT!!!!!


  1. I'm not from Canada, but can I still send a little message thing for you to put into the booklet (if you do end up making it or something). We don't ever do anything like this in Australia (that and the fact she's rarely here) but I'd like to if that's cool with you :)

    1. Oh course!! hehe it is not limited to fans in Canada. you can be from anywhere :] I will upload more info about sending in the messages later ;D

      Thanks Michelle!!!

  2. I'm not from Canada too but since you get so see her , that isn't a bad idea , count me in :D

  3. My message for Linda

    Dear Linda Chung,
    Uhm.... what can i say about you???? Uhm...you have a beautiful heart, beautiful soul, beautiful face, you're talented in both acting and singing (you've been improving everyday, every years, so proud of you :D), your personality is absolutely beautiful and that is what i love about you. I don't think i have anything negative to say about you, oh maybe one ... why dont you come and visit vietnam?? hahhaha. Anyways, i thank you god that he has blessed you everyday, and especially help you enter the entertainment industry so i can know and learn from you, hahha. I pray that you will always live for him, love and put all your trust in him and always stay true to who you are. Dont change!!! or maybe become more mature but dont follow bad steps!!! Ok i'm stop talking now, too long, isnt it? hahaha. I really hope you can read it this 'little' message!!!!!!!! That's will be my dream come true, hahahha :D

    P.s: I love you, Linda Chung with all my heart, you has taught me quite a lots about life from all the articles i had read about you, so thank you for sharing your experiences ♥

    I wish you all the best in the future!!!!!!!!!!! Be strong and remember your fans and God will always be with you when you're facing hard time, and remember to pray!!! So don'f FALL!!

    From Phoebe H.

    1. awesome to see your message Phoebe :D
      Though there are still a few things left....I'll email you soon ;)

  4. Can you email me to 'phoebe-hansen@scas.nsw.edu.au' thank you very much mate :D

  5. Dear Linda Chung,
    I loved your acting in Forensics Heros and in Witness Insecurity! Those two dramas are some of my favorite TVB dramas. I can't wait to see your role in Brother's Keeper!

    -I can't meet you in Canada, but I hope you read this message.

    -Angie W. from the U.S.

    1. Hey Angie! Thank you so much for the message :D

      Would you mind to add on a few things though? x]

  6. still no ticket info for the event for Sunday in Vancouver :(

    1. They've started to email the winners ;D
      Best of luck to you Anonymous!!!

  7. omg i live in richmond.. is the autograph thing for free??

    1. You are so lucky!!!! Haha yes it is free, but they only have one hour to sign autographs. So better be there early ;D

  8. what time is the autographing session in Toronto though? :)

    1. 7:00pm (: http://www.firstmarkhamplace.com/index.php