[News] Linda Chung to Hold First Concert "Love Love Love" In August


Linda Chung has been in the music industry for 5 years and finally gets the opportunity to hold a solo concert. She announced yesterday at the press conference that her Linda Chung Love Love Love Concert is held on August 22nd and 23rd at the KITEC. TVB executive Virgina Lok and her record company boss Herman Ho were at the press con to support her.

Aside from starting on her new series Tiger Cubs II, Linda will also be rehearsing her singing and dancing for the concert. She does not find it difficult to be handling two things at once; she had confidence she can handle it. Linda BB excitedly expressed: "I've been looking forward to this for 5 years. All of a sudden, so many things are coming at me. Although I have to be filming and rehearsing, I still find it enjoyable! I will personally make the phone calls to invite guest performers, one of them is a female senior that I really like. She also has a well-behaved image, but she hasn't agreed yet. (Will you ask rumored boyfriend Philip Ng to be a guest?) I want someone who can rap, I don't think he can rap."

Linda also participated in the costume designs, but because she fears her dress may slip off during her dance performances, she does not dare to wear sexy costumes at the concert. Does Linda plan to invite Philip Ng to attend and support her? Linda said: "Everybody needs to come support me. We all support each other. He should purchase his own ticket and tell his friends to come show their support."

Source: Mingpao 
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net