[News] Joe Ma Carries Linda Chung Away from Explosion and Drops Her, Sobs In Pain

Yesterday Linda Chung, Joe Ma and Nancy Wu were filming the ending scene for TVB new series Tiger Cubs II. The scene was about the villian Nancy Wu holding Linda captive, she hanged her up high and Joe Ma rushed to rescue her. Joe was able to get Linda out before the huge explosion, but unfortunately encountered an accident. Before the cameras rolled, Joe was just leisurely chatting on the phone, then he and Linda tested the positions twice before Joe picked Linda up and the cameras started rolling. Joe carried Linda as he ran away from the explosion, but after 4-5 steps, Joe tripped, dropping Linda and the two tumbled on the ground. Joe got some light scraps on his right hand, but Linda had injuries on both her hands and thigh.

When Linda saw a piece of her skin peeled off on her left hand, she shouted that it was painful and couldn't stop her tears from coming down. The staff quickly went over to clean her wound. After the two took a break, they went back to filming and to prevent distractions, the crew asked everyone to clear the set and once filming completed, Joe and Linda were sent to the hospital for a checkup.

Joe Apologizes to Linda

Linda took a 20 minute break after the accident, and then forced herself back to filming, she clearly hadn't recovered from the accident yet. When asked about her teary eyes at the time of the accident, Linda expressed it wasn't painful. But asked if she was still really scared and if she could handle it? Linda couldn't stop her tears again, she nodded and quickly went back to filming. Joe expressed he just got minor scraps and a small pain on his shoulder. He believed it was purely an accident, action scenes aren't considered too difficult for artists. Asked whether he lost control because he had a leg injury? Joe said: "No, it was a natural response from the feeling of weightlessness of moving forward. I have to apologize to Linda, I caused her the injuries and we had to film the scene again. I hope she's okay."

After they finished the scene, Linda went to the hospital immediately and got her injuries bandaged up. She said: "No need to worry, I am fine. I'm ok! I will get better soon." She posted a photo of her smiling and told fans not to worry about her.

As for Nancy, she had to hang on wires too and it all went smoothly for her. She was seen coming down carefully to prevent another accident. She stressed every time there is a dangerous scene, she's very careful. Also, Nancy admitted she's currently cohabiting with her boyfriend, but she's not in a hurry to marry him.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net