[News] Linda Chung Wonders if Wu Chun's Daughter Looks Like Her

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit member, Wu Chun, announced he is actually married and is a super blessed father. The 33 year old singer and actor married his first girlfriend of 18 years in Brunei and he has a daughter with his wife.

Although many fans felt heartbroken that Wu Chun deceived them for 8 years, other fans showed their support because he is very faithful and loyal to love and his family. Fans will support their "Father Chun" forever.

When Linda Chung, dubbed the "Female Wu Chun", learned that Wu Chun is already married and has a daughter, she congratulated him: "I will congratulate him via SMS. A friend making the decision to step into the next stage in life, I will be happy for them. Although he concealed his marriage for so many years, I still think the fans today have high tolerance and won't oppose to their idols getting married or being in a relationship. Also, Wu Chun is a very responsible gentleman. I believe this is points added for him as a matured man." Linda hopes the public will give Wu Chun space and she hopes to meet his daughter, to see whether she looks like her or not.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net