[News/Pics] Starhub Awards 2013 Results

My Favorite TVB Male Artist: Bosco Wong
My Favorite TVB Female Artist: Tavia Yeung

My Favorite TVB TV Male Characters:
Wai Sai Lok (Raymond Lam) - Highs and Lows
Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong) - Witness Insecurity
Sze-Ma Shun (Kenneth Ma) - Three Kingdoms RPG
Ko Lau Fei (Moses Chan) - Beauty At War
Ching Lai Wing (Ruco Chan) - Slow Boat Home
Koo Ha Yeung, Jayden (Chilam Cheung) - Triumph in the Skies II

My Favorite TVB TV Female Characters:
Yuen Siu Kat (Niki Chow) - A Change of Heart
Empress Dowager Cixi (Michelle Yim) - The Confidant
Ko Tze Lam (Linda Chung) - Witness Insecurity
Chan Ka Bik (Kate Tsui) - Highs and Lows
Ha Sun, Summer (Myolie Wu) - Triumph in the Skies II
Hong Tze Kwan (Tavia Yeung) - Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles

Best Male Newcomer: Jason Chan
Best Female Newcomer: Christine Kuo
Most Improved Actor: Him Law
Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong

My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple: Bosco Wong, Niki Chow - A Change of Heart

My Favorite TVB Series Theme Song:
"Little Something" (Seasons of Love) - Mag Lam; Composed by: Tang Chi Wai; Lyrics by: England Cheng

Singapore Local Media's Favorite TVB Series: Triumph in the Skies II

My Favorite TVB Series: Triumph in the Skies II
My Favorite TVB Large-Scale Variety Show: StarHub TVB Golden Viva Spectacular 2013
My Favorite TVB Variety Show: Lady First (SG) 女人我最大
My Favorite TVB Variety Show Host: Pauline Lan - Lady First (SG)

TVB's Classic TV Character: Michael Miu
The All-Weather Beautiful Artist Award: Linda Chung
Most Dazzling Female Artist: Kate Tsui
Most Charming Artist Award: Raymond Lam
StarHub's Most Beautiful Star Award: Linda Chung

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Weibo
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts: congrats to Linda for grabbing three awards!!!!  Argh...I was so disappointed that Linda and Bosco didn't get the couple award though D:  I really, really thought they would get it!!