Officially Changing Linda Fansite to Linda Thoughts

Any one know who that is above? =0

I never wrote an official post to say that this site is open because I've wanted to change the sites name to something else. And now here it is....Linda Thoughts. Though I am a bit sketchy abut it, I still like the name and hope that you guys would like it too^

Reason why I didn't want to keep it as Linda Fansite is because it sounds a bit too 'information-based". I wanted this site to be more than just information. I wanted to have fan's opinions and thoughts.

So now that the site's name is official, I promise there would be no more name changes ;) I 'm really sorry to all the affiliates who have to re-link me again. Hope you guys won't mind^^;

Side Story:
*At first, I wasn't so sure if I should change the name or not because I didn't want to trouble everybody into linking me again. In the end, I couldn't I asked a friend to flip a coin for me and let fate decide. If it was heads, I'll keep Linda Fansite but if tails, I'd change it to Linda Thoughts. I'm pretty sure you guys know what side it landed on now ;) I was really happy to see that it was tails and from that moment, I knew that Linda Thoughts would be the perfect name for the site =)

Another Side Story
I said it was going to be Linda Thoughts but the url ended up to be Linda Chung Thoughts because lindathoughts.blogspot was unavailable (I think someone else is already using it). Even though the url is different, the official name for the site is still Linda Thoughts^^