Is Linda Chung Thinking About Ron Ng At Work?

Although she is always rumored of dating Raymond Lam, but lately Linda Chung has a new rumored boyfriend---Ron Ng, and it's said that Raymond and Ron ended their 11 years brotherhood because of Linda. Earlier Linda was shooting new series <抉宅男女> with Michael Miu and she appeared not focusing during the shoot. Without Ron, Linda seemed less energetic and often day-dreamed before official shooting. She was shooting a scene of drinking beer with Michael, and perhaps she really needed that alcohol to ease her troubles.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thoughts: Wow, reporters can make up anything they want nowadays -.-


  1. Totally agree..I doubt Linda is that type of person, she can be thinking about anything. Can't believe the reporters can make something up that doesnt even make sense

  2. It's just their way to sell their magazines xP

  3. rayda forever! I just hope they announce their relationship soon. I;m pretty sure they are dating - can see it in their reno concert when they sang in love with you.

  4. linda has this really pissed off look in the first picture... kinda cute tho hahas... (: