Raymond Lam and Ron Ng Denies Fighting for Linda Chung


There have been rumours saying that Raymond Lam and Ron Ng have turned against one another because of Linda Chung, and that insults have started in Weibo. However, the three did not avoid one another, and were present for TVB's Light Switching Ceremony. Raymond and Ron generously took a picture together. Raymond said, "Ron and I have over ten years of unchangeable feelings. Linda and I have never started [a relationship]. It is only because we are artistes, and that we have been paired up quite often. You are either rumoured together or you are rumoured to not get along when filming a series, so you just dismiss it with it smile". Ron stressed that he has only become closer in contact with Linda due to the filming of "Dwelling Choice of Men and Women". Linda used 'hyped news' to respond, and left in a hurry.

Credits hyn5@http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/