Linda's Old Wedding Ad with Ron Ng


These are some old pics of Linda's wedding promotion with Ron Ng. Don't you just love looking at them together? Haha, all pics are beautiful!! I'm really hoping for Linda to pair up with Ron one day. Right now they're filming Yes Sir, No Sir but unfortunately aren't pairing up? Argh just like that time when Linda filmed together with Ron Ng as a couple for Revolving Doors of Vengeance's trailer as a couple...but then she couldn't participate =( Though I did like Ella Koon though^^

So....who do you want Linda to pair up with in the future? (that she haven't paired up with before.) Vote on the new poll!!!

-Ron Ng (don't know if Ron really counts anymore since he's going to be pairing up with Linda in Dwelling...)
-Kenneth Ma
-Kevin Cheng
-Sammul Chan
-Bosco Wong ( they didn't have that much time together in MR...)
-Others (can't think of anybody else so far...)


  1. I think Kevin, maybe....or Kenneth ~ Sammul doesnt look very good with Linda.

  2. I am soooooo excited to see her get paired up with Ron...they look so incredibly cute together!

    Kevin seems to look ok with every female artist.

    Kenneth...hmm...not too bad, he would suit Linda height wise O_o

    And Bosco! They looked great together in MR! Pair them up again TVB!

    Sammul...maybe, I never really considered him at all...

    But Linda seems to be very flexible with her pairings. She can be partnered up with the younger siu sangs like Ron, Raymond, Bosco but she also suits Frankie Lam Man Long and Wong He, which is awesome. :)

  3. These are awesome! I really like how the dresses look on them. They both are so cute together. I just came back from a friend’s wedding in one of the NYC New York wedding venues and it was truly an amazing experience. Wedding is such a beautiful thing!