[News] Linda Chung Will Miss Charmaine Sheh’s Departure from TVB

Rumors circulated that Charmaine Sheh Si Man will not be renewing her TVB management contract upon its April expiration date. Allegedly, Charmaine was offered a $15 million (HKD) contract by a mainland production company interested in signing her. Charmaine’s former Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到 >co-star, Linda Chung Ka Yan, congratulated Charmaine while indicating that her departure will be truly missed if the news turned out to be true.

At a Commercial Radio interview, Linda said, “I will miss Charmaine!” (Does Linda also want to do the same?) “I also want to earn some Yuan. Two years ago, I was offered a role in a modern mainland drama. The filming fee was quite good.” (TVB did not allow you time to film the drama?) “No, that was not the reason. God will make arrangements.”

With Charmaine leaving TVB, this will increase Linda’s opportunities within TVB? Linda replied, “Every year, there are a lot of new female artists entering TVB. [With Charmaine’s departure], there will be one less good actress.”

There were rumors that Charmaine was being pursued by a wealthy heir. Was Linda interested in dating a rich man as well? “Since I was raised in Canada , I would prefer a man who can speak English more.”

Source: Orientaldaily
Translated by Jaynestar@http://www.jaynestars.com/

Thoughts: I do wish the news of Charmaine not being in TVB anymore to be untrue....but I guess the possibilities would be quite high, since it's a really good pay from mainland. Hmm..wonder when the confirm news would be out.