Linda Chung is born with a handicap

In the new drama series (Jiujiang’s Wine), Linda Chung has a breakthrough role, playing the role of a rich young lady living in Jiujiang. Because Linda was born with one leg shorter than the other, she has trouble moving from place to place, and as she is afraid to be labelled as an invalid, she go out very occasionally. In order to portray this character well, Linda had to specially learn the gait and stances of one with a leg length discrepancy. She says, “When I go out, I will carefully note the walking motions of those with the same handicap, and most of them have large tilting and bobbing momentums. However, the director (Wong Wai Sheng) feels that I just need to twist my leg around to imitate the motions.”

Overcoming many obstacles
In the drama, Pierre Ngo and Linda Chung were originally biological siblings, but were separated when they were young due to a boat accident. They went through many trials before being reunited.

Experiencing a large blow
When Sunny Chan and Linda Chung were married, he accidentally made public Linda’s natural handicap, which was to her a large blow.

Source: Tvb Weekly (weibo: keithma1991)
translated by Bell@