Linda's Weibo Update 06/02/11

Linda: Another reporters made up story AGAIN. I was filmin "if you want me"MV w/ 3 very nice professionals. They all did me big favours filmin on初三。 We had a great smooth shoot and I'm very satisfied with the mv. I can wait to see it. It's gonna really rock:)

Linda 2nd Update: However, I am kinda sad though b/c besides reporters, now artistes can't even trust ppl on the streets. (dont understand how ppl makeup stories without even seeing or hearing me clearly....aiyayah....) Neways, happy chinese new years:)


Linda 2nd Update is referring to this article:
Credit: On.CC

Eng Translation:

Linda Chung has unfortunately run into a netizen who revealed that she was squabbling with a foreigner on the streets. It has been suggested that Linda was having a fight (verbal) with the foreigner on the streets of Tseung Kwan O. Judging by their expressions, it looked as if the two knew each other, which makes people unable to refrain from thinking that they are a pair of lovers in the middle of a rough patch in their relationship. The netizen also commented that in reality, Linda is very thin and she was shorter and smaller that the netizen had originally thought. Reporters have tried contacting the witness for confirmation of the event, but they have not received a reply at the time the article was published.

translated by Jammy@Linda Cottage

Thoughts: I just hope people would mind their own business. People tend to exaggerate...or put in their own opinion (which can either be bad or good) when they talk about others. So there won't be any real truth in the end =/