[News] Linda sighs 'High technology means less privacy'

Regarding the recent leaked photographs on the new TVB series ‘The World of Sister Fa’, where Raymond Lam’s character pictures were circulated online. Rumoured girlfriend, Linda Chung replied: “As artists, we cannot control these situations. The series has not been scheduled to be aired yet and already there are large amount of photographs circulating. When the series airs, these photographs will spoil the suspense and the attraction of the storyline. ” She sighed and continued: “Now that technology is so sophisticated, with even mobile phones being able to take photographs, its difficult to avoid.” Asked if Linda hear any fans buying these photographs, she replied: “I haven’t heard.”

Bowie Lam uploaded a photograph of himself and Linda sporting old drama costume onto Weibo and had put the caption, ‘Today is Linda’s Big Day’. As a consequence, friends and family went to TVB city to see Linda and gave their best wishes.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Thoughts: *sigh* yah. With the way technology is developing today....it's actually kind of scary. I remember reading an article how there's a camera that sees through people's clothings?? Or something along those lines...since it's been awhile already and I can't remember exactly. Also something related to mainland's actress's pictures are being taken. Is there really that kind of camera though? Let just hope not.