The Dazzling Dance of Chang'an - Drama Synopsis

Main Actors:
Bobby Auyeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Sire Ma, Makbau Cheung, Angela Tong, Grace Wong, Yoyo Chen, JJ Jia, Cheung Gok Keung

In the Tang Dynasty, there is peace and prosperity in the world of dance. The Imperial Palace places much emphasis on the art of dance, and this time period is one in which the arts flourish the most in history. The stage is set in a distinguished officials’ academy, one of the three most prominent in Chang’an during the Tang Dynasty, the ‘Cheuk Lai Yuen’. The Imperial Family organise an event, in which a winner of the contest would be dubbed a Princess, in order to encourage dance and the arts. The academies that could train the winners of this contest would become that used by the Imperial Family, to prepare people about to enter the palace. In addition, the government officials and teachers of the academies would be regarded of national standard, and enjoy fame and fortune.

Main Storyline:
Ko Yan is a prodigious music composer, who had been preparing take office in Cheuk Lai Yuen in Chang’an. Kiu Bo-lung is a wandering musician, and was on the run because he had killed a corrupt government official. Incidentally, the two of them ran into each other, and Ko Yan became the scapegoat for Kiu Bo-lung, and took his identity, becoming an official. Unexpectedly, Ko Yan did not die, by some miracle, but lost his memory, and began wandering around Chang’an. Bo-lung met Ko Yan once again, and having discovered that the latter had amazing potential to be a composer, Bo-lung welcomed him into Cheuk Lai Yuen, in an effort to develop his own career. The two of them then build up a mutually appreciative friendship.

Ko Yan has a fiance named Yeuk Yin, and because of a guilty conscience, Bo-lung cancelled the wedding, causing Yeuk Yin’s hatred of him to turn to love instead. Ko Yan conversely began liking her immensely, and pined for her. On the other hand, Yeuk Yin’s good sister Zoi San also joined Cheuk Lai Yuen in order to train, hoping to become a professional dancer. She and Bo-lung turn from enemies to partners… In the end, the enmity of the two men over their identities, the relationship tangle of the two women and the fate of the four of them all come to a resolution through the event organised by the Imperial Palace.

Through the song and dance of Cheuk Lai Yuen and rivalry of the dancers, the lead characters singly hunt for their own individuality and identity, self-worth and goals in life, resulting in conflict, tension, love, all making up a riveting and captivating story.

Translated by Bell@lindathoughts