Linda Chung Acknowledged Getting An A, Flaunting Tv Queen Regalia

[TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony 2011] Linda Chung had relatively good results in the entertainment circle this year, especially for her acting in in which she portrayed the character of Miss Koo, which elevated her status to yet another higher level, and showed her true potential to get the TV Queen award. However, Linda is taking this in her stride, and places particular emphasis on her netizens having accepted her, saying that this is already considered an A for her. A few days ago, she chose out her battle regalia for the Awards Ceremony after careful consideration.

Linda Chung, banking on her role as Miss Koo in [Yes Sir], competes for the title of TV Queen in this year’s Awards Ceremony. Due to the good response and reputation of this role, Linda has confidence in winning the award on that night, especially requesting for a specially co-designed outfit from her good friend and designer Barney Cheng.

Linda feels that this year, getting top-notch results would be being accountable to her supporters.

Linda’s shimmering dress has not reached Hong Kong yet, but Linda could not help herself from trying on other pretty dresses of Barney’s.

Being Nominated Would be Having Won Already

Having previously being sexy to the max, Linda plays with ‘bling’ (accessorized) this time.

As to the TVB Awards Anniversary this time, Linda frankly responds that she has confidence and takes it all in her stride. She says, “Whether this character of Miss Koo can win an award is one thing, but this year’s result is already an A, and I am very satisfied, and I really want to thank all my supporters.” The thing that makes Linda the happiest is that all along, even in forums, netizens have had good comments on her acting this time round.

Although this year’s results were good, Linda still feels that there is a lot of room for improvement. She laughs and says, “Some new pageant queens who come here to develop their careers ask me how they can act well, and quickly, but in actual fact I myself have only gained the experience firsthand over the seven years, and this needs experience, to slowly cultivate the confidence needed.” Despite having confidence, would she be disappointed if she didn’t get the award? Linda responds, “I am afraid that my fans would be the disappointed ones, I myself don’t think too much on it, I consider being nominated already having won, and getting A results already!”

Filming for Spin-off, Playing The Cello

Linda doesn’t focus much on the award, and conversely hopes to prepare fully, and act well for the [Miss Koo Spin-off] that begins filming next month. This all-new Miss Koo does not play around with bowling, but switches to the cello, and will have even more psychological drama.

As to the Awards Ceremony outfit, Linda hopes that her design will allow herself to express her own personality. Although it is not considered especially sexy, she laughs, “Previously, it was so flamboyant, this time I’m using specially-ordered crystals to glimmer my way through.”

Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

Thoughts: I love the grayish dress with the flowers that Linda is wearing. It looks gorgeous on her :) Let's all support Linda for the awards!!!!!!!! IT"S COMING SO SOON! :D