[News] Linda Chung believes Myolie Wu is internally set to get TV Queen

Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Linda Chung and Joyce Cheng attended the Mingpao Magazine 43rd Artist Power Awards Ceremony 2011. Wayne and Sheren were presented with the 'Most Outstanding TV Actor and Actress' awards respectively depended on their roles in No Regrets. The series also won 'Most Outstanding TV Programme Award'. The MC, Wong He, joked this is the pirated version of last year's TVB Anniversary Awards.

Wayne and Sheren stressed the success is not entirely due to their personal contributions, but depends on the efforts of the entire crew. Wayne said: "I am very lucky that I was able to shoot two really good series in my lifetime, that allowed me to get so many awards."

This year, Linda Chung is nominated for both TVB Best Actress and My Favorite TV Character awards, but didn't attend the TVB Awards press conference and announcement of the nominations that was held a few days ago. She explained: "I was on vacation. I will be going on vacation with my family soon, so I won't be participating in the TVB Anniversary show. However, I will definitely attend the awards ceremony. I am pretty pleased with my achievements this year. I have confidence to win the 'My Favorite TV Character' award. For TV Queen, I support Myolie Wu. It is not because I'm giving up on the award, but is because I still have room for improvement. I have been in the industry for 7 years, but still need to immerse myself more. I hope to get the award on my 9th or 10th anniversary." Asked if TVB internally decided to give Myolie Wu the TV Queen title? Linda said: "No, but this rumor is reasonable. She is an experienced actress and her performance is outstanding."

Last night, Linda won the reader-voted award 'Most Supported Artist Power Big Award'. This year's music newcomer, Joyce Cheng was awarded with the "Most Outstanding Female Singer Award" and the "Most Outstanding Record Award'. She appeared very emotional upon receiving the awards.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum