New Layout of November


Bonjour!! Welcome back to Linda Thoughts!! I really hope that you guys all like this new layout!

I apologize though, for the late comeback. It too my a bit more time then I thought I would've taken :) So for new updates: there are lots! Haha I've updated the recent weibo updates by Linda, also you can see on the top can see the "Series" list that have the link to the Official Drama Page of each series :) Have updated the page of River of Wine. Then there is also the "Fanmade Video" bar with all the video (made by me and other fans) underneath :)

One issue I did have is with the labels (they won't show up on the posts). I noticed it too late though....(after I changed the layout and everything). So on the sidebar, I've added the section "Check Them Out". Press on any link (latest news, latest weibo updates etc) and that'll give you the latest posts tagged underneath them :)

Hope you all enjoy the new layout! And remember to check out all the new posts!! There are lots ;)


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  2. yay! so glad you're back online! missed out the announcement that you posted about upgrading the layout. I was so sad when i couldnt load the page for 3 days!! Yourblog is soo awesome!

  3. Thanks Han!! Awesome to have a reader like you! ;)