[News] Linda Chung: “There are double standards for women cheating in love!”

In Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Moses Chan cheated on Linda Chung’s love, upon which he was branded as the “Century’s Most Deplorable Man.” In L’Escargot, Linda Chung portrayed the character of “Kwan Ka Lok,” who cheated on boyfriend, Ron Ng. Linda had an affair with her superior, Michael Tse, due to gratitude. Linda’s cheating character in L’Escargot aroused much controversy. In last night’s episode, Linda once again slept with Michael after having a few drinks.

Netizens scolded Linda Chung’s character for acting pitiful to gain sympathy. Netizens counted “Kwan Ka Lok’s” sins as being “lustful, greedy for money, and being a liar,” while crowning her as the “Century’s Most Deplorable Woman.” Netizens even cursed that the character will not have a good end!

Regarding called the “Century’s Most Deplorable Woman,” Linda felt that her character, “Kwan Ka Lok” was very successful. Each character possessed traits that the audience liked and disliked. Linda noticed that the majority of the audience scolded “Kwan Ka Lok” and did not scold Linda herself. Aside from the audience being fully immersed in watching the drama, her colleagues often discussed the plot development as well. The public’s lively reaction to the drama made Linda happy.

Linda commented, “The world is not fair! It is considered normal for a man to cheat in love. However, it is a big deal for a woman to commit any wrongdoing! I am only portraying the character of ‘Kwan Ka Lok.’ Since she acted wrongly, it is normal for people to scold her. In real life, I am not like her.”

Earlier spoilers for L’Escargot revealed that Linda’s character will not have a good ending. She will not reconcile with Ron Ng, instead going to study abroad by herself. Linda said, “For my character, this is a good ending. She can reflect on all the things that happened while studying overseas. She can find her lost direction and path in life again!”

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars