[News] Ron Ng: "I was poor and lived in public housing!"

Ron Ng and Linda Chung possessed confidence in their currently aired TVB drama, L’Escargot. Although “Kwan Yi So” Mandy Wong shot to popularity since the broadcast of the drama, Linda was not afraid of the spotlight being stolen, instead praising that Mandy had a lot of potential.

Among his recent series in the last few years, Ron admitted that L’Escargot was one of his top 3 favorite scripts. While growing up, Ron and his family had lived in a 400 square feet public housing apartment. Ron stated, “When I was a child, I slept in the living room. However, we lived happily together. I often kicked ball in the building hallways and played ping pong, unlike the children today who have the luxury to play video games.”

Upon the reporter’s comment that Ron was misconstrued as coming from a moderately well off family, Ron said nervously, “Of course not! Did you confuse me with someone else?” (Was it Raymond Lam?) “He grew up playing model toys!”

Indicating that his mother wished he would become a property owner soon and not have to pay rent, Ron said, “It would be best if I can live with my mother, so there is soup to drink after work, breakfast and lovingly-prepared lunchboxes to eat! For some time, my mother had to take care of my sisters’ kids and I felt very lonely. I had to rely on the maid and often ate instant noodles.” (Why don’t you get married!) “I have not yet reached an age suitable for marriage yet. I have to buy a house and earn enough money first!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars