[News] Linda Chung Becomes Relationship Tragedy Girl in [L'Escargot], Films Breakup Scene with Bosco Wong in Rain

Linda Chung has not been having much of a relationship-filled life recently; having just broken up with Ron Ng, and yesterday breaking up with Bosco Wong in the rain. It was very tragic, and it's no wonder that she hopes to have some progress in the area of relationship in this Year of the Dragon! However, Linda Chung's successive dumpings were all just in the TVB drama plots!

Linda was at Kowloon City yesterday to film an outdoor scene with Bosco Wong for the TVB Drama [Dangerous Protection]. In the drama, they break up in the rain, but in real life, Linda says that she has always been breaking up on an even footing. In addition, she has not much experience dating, and hasn't tried breaking up in the rain before.

G.E.M. Exposes Ron Ng

Linda Chung cries when she breaks up with Ron Ng in [L'Escargot], and receives much sympathy, even little girls want to keep on loving 'Ka Lok'. Linda is quite happy that the audience seems optimistic about her relationship with Michael Tse, and coupled with her good reputation in acting, she hopes that the viewership would rise. When asked about her own relationship status, she says, "I hope that this new year would show some progress in this area, I purposely took leave for 3 days over the New Year, and had dates with Zhou Gong*!"

G.E.M, who was always concerned about whether Linda and Ron could be together in [L'Escargot], read the newspaper saying that in the end, Ron would not get back together with Linda. She couldn't help posting on Weibo "This is crazy! He even gives up such a good girlfriend! He obviously loves her so much, why did he have to give up!"

*having dates with Zhou Gong means to sleep

Translated by ibellchu @ Linda Cottage
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