NEXT TV Awards 2012

The Next TV Awards!!! Let's all support Linda, who's nominated in 3 catergories with a total of 7 awards!

Top 10 TV Artistes (pick 3)

Top 10 TV Program (pick 3) - Linda's series this year consists of: River of Wine, Yes Sir Sorry Sir and l'Escargot. She is also a guest star in Super Snoops.

The Sponsor Awards - Linda is nominated for 3 awards: GlamSmile, Moiselle and Toshiba.

Fill in the information. - (I was personally confuse with this since I can't read chinese, but there are instructions on the fill out at Sehseh's blog - HERE )

I would like to apologize for the late update of this. BUT HOPE THAT EVERYBODY CAN SUPPORT LINDA! VOTES ARE DUE on FEB 26th