[Clip] TVB Calendar 2013 - January's Behind the Scenes

video credits abbybopha

Host 1: So everyone right here in my hands is the all-new 2013 TVB calendar, it’s really pack with a lot since our TVB idols are all very amazing.

Host 2: Exactly! And within all these 12 months, they all have their own special themes, even with the ideas, design, clothes and the photo, they are all unique. With such an amazing calendar, we will give it for free to all our workers and customers.

Host 1: Now going through the calendar, you can notice how special and unique each celebrity is. There is really only one word to describe them… flawless. So now let’s see the behind the scenes of the January photo-shoot.

Interviewer: The men are handsome, and the girls are beautiful, showing it all off as the January 2013 models. They took a lot of beautiful pictures, what kind of style did they now try before?

Bosco: I just really want to see Raymond not wear a shirt.

Raymond: That’s easy, I do it in my concerts.

Bosco: That’s how you’re going to promote yourself? I’m just a bit easier, just look at magazines!

Raymond: Good! It’s the TVB Magazine

Kate: I never saw Linda wear these….

Linda: Bra top ah?

Kate: Yes, but no I never seen her wear a bra top. But I did see her in a bikini. I remember within the past we were doing a photo-shoot for a calendar

Linda: Yes yes!

Kate: And both of us were wearing bikinis!

Linda: Most important is that we’re beautiful

Kate: Yes, and each time we try a new style.

Interviewer: Kate, Linda and Aimee are all from the beauty pageant world. Within Raymond and Bosco’s perspective all 3 beautiful ladies have their own uniqueness.

Raymond: Aimee cooperated with Moses the most, so I didn’t really get a chance to work with her.

Bosco: Yeah

Interviewer: From your perspective, how is Kate?

Raymond: Very manly

Bosco: It really is! She is basically a male!

Interviewer: How about Linda?

Bosco: Linda is a female.

Raymond: Linda… I really want to see her try acting as a very tough and cool style. Other than her voice which is really sweet and polite, she is basically a male too, very similar to a tomboy.

Bosco: Every time we’re filming, I always get hit. Don’t mistaken Aimee’s short hair; she is actually the most feminine one!

Kate: We really just show one side of us to them…

Linda: Yes, yes

Kate: They just don’t notice that we have a different side

Linda: Exactly

Kate: Exactly, right?

Linda: Yup! We can be gentle, or we can be a tomboy. Aimee can too! They just don’t know that!

Translation by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/